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Fragment 7

Fragment 7

Fragments: the cast-offs left over from my Babelfishing process often make strange little poems unto themselves.

Fragment 7

Night. Full.

Full years.

the season.

Full, drifting Octobers.

but seest thou?

Full sail settings.

Seest thou wind, thou?
Full fate, the keywords, suites.

Seest thou wind along? Seest thou?
Full co-shifter traditional.  Best.
Full wind,
the sail, the starting,
it expands January U.

Empty, empty, but thou?
Full of friends and relatives, thou.
Other seest thou, Cliff.
Full wind, thou,
the destiny keywords, suites.

Other time changes.
Full, the held.

The years to pass,
gradually male.

Other expands today.  Seest thou?

Finishing expands Desu's starting,
the tendency toward
certain in forecast.

Seest thou?  Full of life,
one, one.

But starting,
it expands the starting.
It and octopus and other exists,
male, rather, of time.

Full in places,
people day-die ー
drink, laughing.

Other expands.

Full wild dream,
and blowing fly
expands, expands
January U.

Transportation today,
ancient the transportation.
Seest thou wise the traditional?

Basic January U,
half-distracted to held male.

Seest thou other, slightly?

But thou, though, expands slightly the think.
Seest thou wind?
Thou, the fate, keywords, suites, expands.

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