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Guess Who's Here??!

Guess Who's Here??!

Guess who's here??!

It's Blu

I came back from the library this afternoon to see this little guy in the house.

D. said he'd opened the door a short while earlier, and there was Blu sitting on the stoop meowing to come in. So he let him in. I came back to find Blu making himself quite at home.

We'd last seen him about 6 weeks ago in someone's yard in the cul-de-sac one street over. We figured he lives in this neighborhood now. I guess he decided it was time for a formal visit with the neighbors.

Blu likes being petted. A lot.

Blu talks a lot. A lot.

Blu in motion, looking to get underfoot and get some attention and hugs 'n' kisses.

Me giving Blu some attention and hugs 'n' kisses.

For over an hour Blu hung out in the house, following us around from room to room, meowing, demanding affection, inspecting the contents of the refrigerator, probably hoping for some snacks (although he seemed quite adequately fed).

Eventually he went back outside, going straight over to the next-door neighbor's stoop to meow at their door to get in. They didn't open their door, so he sauntered off toward the cul-de-sac.

Bye, Blu! Enjoy your evening. Come back and visit again. 

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