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Lake Merced - Pahavit's Universe — LiveJournal

Date: 10-10-2015 12:23 AM
Subject: Lake Merced
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Tags:bird, california poppy, canada goose, duck, field trip, flower, frog, gull, lake merced, mallard, native wildflower, raccoon, san francisco, sign
Lake Merced

Last Saturday, after doing an errand in San Francisco, D. and I spent some time at Lake Merced, and I took some pics.

A gull on a street light in the parking lot.

California poppy.

A rowing class is practicing on the lake.

A few Canada geese arrive.

“Branta canadensis one-niner, winds two six zero gusting at two-seven, you are cleared to land on lake runway one-left.”

A view of the northern part of the lake.

A coot swims up to the shore.

This grooming mallard emulates a swan but lacks the long graceful neck.

A bullfrog startled away from the shore takes refuge in deeper water.

Around a bend in the shoreline we see a raccoon feeding in the shallows.

A pair of coots look for things to eat.

Some blackberry bushes are still in blossom.

Turning toward the picnic area, we see more raccoons -- little-ish ones and mom.

Looking toward Harding Park Golf Course and clubhouse.

A thick stand of reeds on the shore of the south lake.

Water knotweed is found along the edges of the lake.

Reeds, boats, and docks crowded with gulls.

A friendly mallard approaches us on the dock and waits patiently only 3 feet away (for a handout that she didn't get, because feeding wildlife is wrong to do).

Friendly duck on a lonely dock.

♪♫♪ Do you know where you're going to? ♪♫♪

As we ready to make our way home, another rascally raccoon sprints past the boat house to the reeds at the lake's shore.

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