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McMurtry Building at Stanford

McMurtry Building at Stanford

On Saturday D. and I visited the recently-opened McMurtry Building for the Department of Art and Art History at Stanford, and I took a few pics.

A few views of the courtyard between the teaching spaces and the studio spaces.

A lot of thought has been given to color, form, texture and scale.

The exterior on one side.

Student art in the lounge.  It's big.  I don't know what it means.

The lounge.

Cafe tables in the courtyard.

The exterior of the theater.

Rodin's Head of Jean D'Aire, Burgher of Calais, in the adjoining sculpture garden.

Some of the figures in the sculpture garden.

From the rooftop terrace we see the new hospital under construction.

The rooftop terrace is designed on a personal, intimate scale, with several pocket gardens and secluded seating spaces.

The Hoover Tower rises across campus.

Kangaroo paws are some of the drought-resistant plantings on the terrace.

An angular intersection captures some of the vigor and drama of the structure.

Another look at the cafe tables and the courtyard before heading home, barely ahead of a brief rain shower.

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