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Hoover Tower

Hoover Tower

On Saturday D. and I went to the top of Stanford's Hoover Tower, and I took some pics from the observation platform and also of the nearby campus.

We see a glimpse of the tower as we park.

It is 285' tall.  It is very imposing.  Especially when it's looming directly over you.

On the 14th floor, the observation platform has huge open-air windows with wrought iron grates.

The views are amazing.

One of the giant carillon bells.

Even up here we see a cone. 

A last look at the wrought iron before descending.

Across from the tower, the Stanford Memorial Auditorium glows in the afternoon sun.

Making our way across campus, the Tower peeks at us from behind the trees.

Thunderbird sits atop Boo-Qwilla, a totem pole by First Nations artist Art Thompson.

Chicago Triangles, with the Three Graces in the background, both by large-scale steel sculptor Charles Ginnever.

Another peek at Hoover Tower.

Group of Six by J.B. Blunk is part sculpture, part seating.

Looking down a colonnade before heading home.

Fun facts:
The first nine floors of Hoover Tower are library stacks and the next 3 floors are offices.  Exiled Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn lived on the 11th floor for some time upon invitation by Stanford University before he moved in 1976.

The carillon has 48 bells cast in Belgium, which are played periodically throughout the year.  The largest bell weighs 2.5 tons.  The public is not allowed at the top of the tower when the bells ring (I'll bet because it's freakin' loud).

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