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Japanese Friendship Garden

Japanese Friendship Garden

Friday morning D. and I visited the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose. It was a beautifully landscaped oasis of tranquility in Kelley Park, right across the street from an industrial warehouse and the San Jose Giants minor league ballpark. (All pics by D. unless noted.)

The graceful gateway at the park entrance.

Apparently they allow some form of gymnastics or dancing on the paths here.

A picturesque bridge to nowhere (no access to the little island allowed).

One of the beautiful ponds in the garden.

Some of the large koi in the pond.

There were ducks at the ponds as well.

A duck acts coy around us, as koi duck for cover.

My pic of an orange koi cruising close to the shore hoping for snacks.

My pic of a koi with calico cat markings.

My pic of a striking blue koi and its less interesting cousin a tan koi.

A graceful willow hugs the shore of a pond.

D.'s pics of clumps of cannas in one of the ponds.

My pics of clumps of cannas in one of the ponds.

A sun-dappled stream rushes toward one of the many little waterfalls in the park.

A peaceful view overlooking part of the park.

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