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Ft. Mason Center

Ft. Mason Center

On Wednesday D. and I were at Ft. Mason Center in San Francisco to hear the 40 Part Motet in Gallery 308, and afterwards I took some pics before the sun went down.

A trompe l'oiel effect is caused by reflections behind Greens Restaurant.

A monolithic warehouse on a pier catches the late afternoon light.

Fastidious gull is fastidious.

Gulls and sky.

An inlet between piers provides a glimpse across the Bay into Marin County.

A juvenile Western gull hangs around on the pier hoping for a handout.

A couple of people take a break from a tech conference going on in the pavilion on the pier.

The Bay and Alcatraz.

Pilings under the pier catch reflected light.

Reflections wash over the inlet.

The superstructure of a quirky sculptural bench.

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