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Don Edwards SF Bay Wildlife Refuge 4

Don Edwards San Francisco Bay Wildlife Refuge 4

On Saturday D. and I went to the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Here's some pics we took.

The view across the marshes toward the Santa Cruz Mountains.

It looks like some Canada geese are having a picnic along the Mallard Slough Trail.

A barn owl nest box high up in a tree next to the fresh water slough.

The dark furball-like objects are owl pellets on the ground below the next box. They contain the indigestible material from owl meals, such as fur and bones.

A western fence lizard does his territorial push-ups on the steps of the education pavillion.

A very thorny wild rose stem. Ouch!

Here's my pic of some rose hips beginning to ripen and turn red. They too are surprisingly thorny.

One of a pair of barn swallows takes a break from its nest in the pavillion on a sign in the parking lot.

My pic of a stand of California buckwheat in bloom.

Here's a bee on a buckwheat flower. The blossoms were swarming with bees of several different species.

Here's my close-up pic of a buckwheat blossom. It's like its own whole little Universe in there.

On our way home from the refuge D.'s sharp eyes spotted a burrowing owl in an empty field. Here's my pic that shows how well camouflaged he is in the dry grass.

D.'s close-up pics of the burrowing owl outside his burrow.  They really have a lot of personality in a tiny body (only about a foot tall). This one gazed back at us fearlessly. Of course, he knew he was safe behind a chain-link fence.

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