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Yerba BuenaGardens

Yerba BuenaGardens

On Saturday, after doing an errand in San Francisco, D. and I took a stroll through Yerba Buena Gardens, and I took some pics before I got too tired and we had to head home.

Fountains greet our approach.

The cityscape to the east.

The long reflecting pool of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Fountain.

Temporary fencing makes a serpentine line across the lawn.

Another cityscape view.

The SF Marriott Marquis hotel, once likened to a giant jukebox.

Shaking Man, by Terry Allen, has a bit of a problem.

The top of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is a quiet pool brimming over into a curtain of falls.

Repetition and symmetry.

Primroses in bloom.

Water steps, part of the MLK fountain.

A nearby skyscraper basks in the late afternoon light.

At a café across the street, pigeons wait to be served.

A couple obliges and leaves their half-eaten lunch behind, and the birds descend en masse to gorge on people food.

A hawk (possibly a juvenile Cooper's hawk) perches on a light fixture, looking for a pigeon to catch, seemingly undisturbed by all the human activity.

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