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Return to Grant Lake

Return to Grant Lake

On Saturday D. and I went back to Grant Lake. D. took the following pics.

The path follows the levee around the shore of the lake.

Beds of tules nestled into the shoreline.

Looking across the placid waters of the lake.

Golden hillsides full of dry grass ring the lake.

A section of the shoreline.

A beautiful flower at the water's edge.

Green trees provide some shade.

A flowery meadow at the lakeshore.

A Canada goose family goes for a swim.

Cool lake water and arid hills.

Another pretty view.

A fishing man.

And I took these pics. D.'s helpful suggestions made them come out better than they would have otherwise.

One of the dozens of dragonflies patrolling the shoreline takes a break on a grass stalk.

The island in the lake, ringed by tules.

Peaceful water, rolling hills, cloudless sky.

The late afternoon light plays over a weathered log in the dry grass.

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