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Mission Santa Clara

Mission Santa Clara

In spite of the rain showers that threatened on Saturday, D. and I went to Mission Santa Clara at nearby Santa Clara University, and I took some pics before I became too tired and achey and we had to come home.

A shrine near the mission.

The campus.

The spire on the church.

Primroses are a bright spot in the garden outside the church.

The roses wait for spring.

St. Augustine of Hippo next to a side door to the mission.

The mission sanctuary.

An ornate light fixture.

An 1889 painting by Riva Giuseppe Bergamo.

A last look at the interior before we go back outside.

Founded in 1777, this mission was the first to bear the name of a woman, St. Claire of Assisi.

A black phoebe waits for insects to catch in the garden.

A camellia in the garden.

A squirrel scampers around the grounds.

The Ricard Observatory, no longer functional and which now houses documents about the history of Santa Clara University.

Bright red nandina berries are a counterpoint to the gray day.

Echoes of autumn linger below Bradford pear trees on campus, already in full bloom.

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