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Stanford Statues And Cacti

Stanford Statues And Cacti

On Saturday D. and I paid a short visit to the Stanford campus to see the Stanford Mausoleum, the Angel of Grief, (which was vandalized not too long ago), and the Arizona Cactus Garden, and I took some pics before I became too weak and we had to return home.

An Egyptian sphinx guarding the mausoleum.

Flowers by the door of the mausoleum.

A Greek sphinx at the rear of the mausoleum.


The Angel of Grief.  (I know just how you feel, sistah.)

Details of the fence around the Angel of Grief.

Euphorbias massed at the entrance to the Arizona Cactus Garden.

Jade plant flowers reach toward the sun.

Cactus spines are a formidable defense.

This species of opuntia is curly like a potato chip.

This dense mass of spines glows in the afternoon sun.

Succulent flowers.

Something has been nibbling on these cactus fruits.

Western fence lizard.

Crassula flowers.

Opuntia spines form an abstract pattern of light and shadow.

Another look at the Angel of Grief.

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