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Permanente Creek Trail

Permanente Creek Trail

On Saturday D. and I went to Charleston Park to see if the cherry trees there were in bloom yet, because so many of the apple, apricot, almond, pear, peach and plum trees are blossoming already all over town.  But we arrived only to find nothing but bare branches and disappointment.  So we took a short stroll along the nearby Permanente Creek Trail instead (because it's flat and paved, and walking is still quite challenging for me).  While there I accidentally changed some camera settings, so the pics I took were a little problematic, but here's the better ones of the bunch.

A California poppy bobs in the bright sun and cool breeze.

A couple of mallards in Permanente Creek.

Yellow flowers.

The trail, looking south.

More yellow flowers.

Almond blossom.

The trail arches as it passes over highway 101.

Black wattle flowers.

The trail overpass.

Slow down!

A mallard drake pauses while bathing in the creek.

Mahonia flowers are a bright splash of yellow.

Bare cherry branches wait to pop into bloom.

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