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Date: 3-12-2016 12:13 AM
Subject: San Francisco Hyatt Regency
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San Francisco Hyatt Regency

On a blustery Saturday last week, D. and I had an errand to do in San Francisco, and since we didn't want to wander around in the wind and rain afterwards, we decided to wander around inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel instead, and I took some pics.

The lobby is dominated by the sculpture Eclipse by Charles Perry, bathed in pink light.

Theatrical lighting trained on the sculpture changes color every few seconds, resulting in an ever-changing light show.  Here's a detail of Eclipse in gold light.

The lobby has a water feature in it.

Burgundy light shines on Eclipse in the background.

Upper floors of the hotel loom inward over the lobby.

Lobby seating alcoves, with green light in the background.

Lighting for the seating alcoves.

Seating in the seating alcoves, with turquoise light on Eclipse in the background.

Magenta lights play on Eclipse.

Looking down on the lobby from the 11th floor, with Eclipse bathed in red.

Looking up at the narrow skylight.  It's one of the reasons it's so dark and cave-like in the lobby.

Looking along the 11th floor corridor.

Looking out over San Francisco Bay from the 11th floor, with Justin Herman Plaza in the foreground.

The flag flies atop the Ferry Building at the foot of Market St.

An umbrella-less man dashes through Justin Herman Plaza in the rain.

A look up misty Market St. from the 11th floor before heading home.

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