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Mission San Jose

Mission San Jose

On Saturday D. and I wound up at Mission San Jose due to a confluence of disparate circumstances that foiled our original plans and forced us to scramble to find an alternative place to go at the last minute.  Our options were limited due to the drizzle that threatened to commence at any minute as well as my still-fragile health and inability to walk any appreciable distance.  Due to an event taking place inside the church my picture-taking options were limited as well, but here's what I was able to shoot while I was there.

Historical gravestones in the patio area from the Mission's past.

A figure atop a memorial obelisk seems to be lacking an arm, and seems to be in the process of becoming engulfed by one of the many ancient olive trees there as well.

Fake flowers lie beside a more modern grave marker.

A clump of lavender brightens up the patio.

New leaves unfurl on the grapevine behind the church.

A cross atop an obelisk in the historical cemetery.

A periwinkle in bloom.

Limousines only.

Time to go.

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