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San Bruno Mountain Park

San Bruno Mountain Park

On Saturday D. and I returned to San Bruno Mountain Park.  We walked the Eucalyptus Loop Trail and I took some pics.

One of the many blackberry blossoms.

Cow parsnip is related to the carrot.

Wild mustard.

Central coast iris.

A Virgin jetliner flies overhead, shortly after taking off from nearby San Francisco International Airport.

Another blackberry blossom.

Angelica, another carrot relative.

Bermuda buttercups are an invasive non-native.  There are whole hillsides covered with them.


More blackberry.

Checkerbloom is a native wildflower.

A California poppy bud is ready to unfurl.

Johnny jump-ups.

The trail, with some of the broadcast antenna on the ridge to the right.

Harlequin flowers bob in the breeze.

Spurry look like little stars.

A clump of miner's lettuce.

The view over San Francisco Bay, looking southeast.

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