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Coal Mine Ridge Part 1

Coal Mine Ridge Part 1

On Saturday D. and I took a walk on the Old Spanish Trail at Coal Mine Ridge, and I took so many pics of the flowers I'm posting only half here and the rest will follow here.

We start out on the Alpine Trail for a short ways.

Forget-me-nots at the trail head.

Pacific ninebark is in the rose family.

Miner's lettuce was used as a fresh salad green by miners during the California Gold Rush.

This lichen is a fruticose, or branched, type.

Cinquefoil is another member of the rose family.

Hawksbeard looks like a dandelion.

The Old Spanish Trail goes through a woodsy habitat for most of its length.

California buttercup and insect guest.

Blue dicks is a pretty flower with a funny name.

Blue-eyed grass is not a true grass (and it's really more purple than blue).

Fernald's iris is pale yellow.

More blue dicks.

White globe lily is also known as fairy lantern.

Another look at the Old Spanish Trail.

Part 2 here!

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