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Edgewood Preserve

Edgewood Preserve

Since we didn't want to miss the peak of the wildflower season, D. and I went to Edgewood County Park And Natural Preserve on Saturday and strolled along parts of the Serpentine, Live Oak, Franciscan, Ridgeview, Sunset and Clarkia Trails.  Here are some of the pics I took.

This native wildflower is called tidy tips.

This tiny white flower is a leptosiphon.

The view from the Serpentine Trail shows a typical native grassland habitat.

Western bluebirds usually eat ground-dwelling insects such as grasshoppers, caterpillars, beetles, ants, wasps and pillbugs, along with occasional spiders or snails.

Blue-eyed grass is not a true grass.

Fringed checkerbloom.

Another look at the Serpentine Trail.

Common yarrow.

California poppies, the state flower.

The view to the north from the Serpentine Trail.

Hop clover.

Blow-wives is another wildflower with a peculiar name.

A park maintenance vehicle is parked on the Ridgeview Trail where a ranger is installing new trail signs.

Yellow mariposa lily.

Deer butt.

Another look at the native grassland habitat before heading home.

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