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Sutro Baths (And Almost Whales)

Sutro Baths (And Almost Whales)

On Saturday, after doing an errand in fogged-in San Francisco, D. and I headed out to the Sutro Baths ruins to follow up on a rumor about whales feeding off the coast there.  Here are some of the pics I took.

The view of the ruins from the Coastal Trail.

A look at the ruins of the former Sutro Baths, now filled with sea water.

A milk thistle blooms beside the trail.

Bees are out visiting flowers, yellow lupine and golden yarrow.

A brown pelican swoops low over the waves.

For a long time we watch the sea for whales but only see occasional spouts (red arrow).  Very disappointing.

Sutro Baths ruins, with the Cliff House in the background.

Western gulls visit the pool of water in the ruins.

Seal Rocks offshore are resting places for wildlife.

A snowy egret races through retreating waves on the beach below.

The Camera Obscura, behind the Cliff House.

The viewport for the Camera Obscura sports a mystical eye.

Yes, it is a giant camera.

The plaza behind the Cliff House.

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