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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 8-5-2007 11:44 PM
Subject: Sights around town: cool stuff
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Tags:field trip, sights around town
Sights around town: cool stuff

There's lots of cool stuff to see here in town. Here's some of it. 

Here's a cool blue house with hydrangeas that almost match its intense color.  Two weeks after I took that pic, the house got tented for termite treatment, and when it was over the hydrangeas were dead. 

Spider webs gleam with dew in the shrubs down the street.

Be careful where you plant your young tree in relation to your fence . . . This one has grown to engulf the lower rail entirely.

Free Parking in downtown Mountain View!
I can just imagine if they tried offering free parking in downtown San Francisco.  All the rich people who don't need it will be downtown in two seconds hogging all the free parking in the choicest spots, while the poorer people who can least afford it will be stuck parking much farther away at metered spaces (25¢ for five minutes ) or in a garage or lot. 

Someone should tell these people that pine cones do not make good wind chimes. 

Sidewalk chalk kitty.

Here's a funky little tin castle in someone's front yard, with a green Army dude on one of the battlements.

A pair of decorative tiles flank a wall.

This sign caught my eye.  The place also had a horseshoe embedded in the driveway.

Teh Market.  Teh place to buy teh beer, teh wine, teh snack.

There are coolio sculptures and statues and stuff, such as this pleasant fountain in an office park at the other end of my street.

A dragonfly sculpture on a fence at a nearby elementary school.

A coolio heron sculpture in someone's front garden.

A sculpture in a little pocket park on Dana St. next to Fire Station No. 1.  It brings to mind a virginal Stonehenge.

Here's a feisty little dude on someone's front porch.  Is his lower appendage dorsal or ventral?

A lovely stone bench on Oak St.

This bench is in front of a group of 4 cottages with coolio statues in the front yards. Here's a dog butt statue.

Here's a statue of kids on a seesaw.  What a pain in the butt that must be to mow around.

Here's a statue of kids on a swing.  That squirrel covered in cobwebs at the top of that rope is part of the statue.  The people who live there are not thrilled with the statues. I don't know why; I'd love to have them in my yard.

A pair of coolio lion statues on someone's front porch.

One of a pair of strange giant dolls on someone's front stoop.

"Girl," part of a larger sculpture called "Boy and Girl Playing in the Calla Lily Field" by artist JoeSam, in Civic Center Plaza, Mountain View.

And that's some of the cool stuff I see around town. 

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