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On Saturday D. and I were going to go to a certain part of the Coyote Creek Trail, but upon our arrival there the presence of some skeevy people and their hostile reaction to us made us hastily reconsider our plans and nope the hell out of there.  So we went to Alviso Marina County Park instead, and I took a few pics before I got too tired to go any further.

The wetlands at Alviso.

The boardwalk goes out over the marsh towards the Alviso Slough Trail.

The sticky resin in gumplant buds was used by the native Ohlone people for medicinal purposes.

Gumplant in bloom.

Salt pond A12.

Harlequin bug.

More of the salt pond.

Thistle floof.

Mesembryanthemum, a flower that drives my spellchecker nuts.

A last look at the salt pond on our way back.

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