pahavit (pahavit) wrote,

No more

No more

No more insulin, no more syringes.
No more asthma pills, no more pill-crushing spoon.
No more special trips to the pharmacy for prescription refills.

No more flower remedies.
No more psyllium husks, no more special measuring spoon.

No more cat grass.

No more special dishes and utensils.
No more water bowls.
No more special placemats.
No more litterbox, no more litter scoop, no more special sponge to clean them.

No more kitty brushes and combs.
No more kitty toothbrush, no more kitty toothpaste.

No more special blankets.

No more Patrick. :`(

Is my relationship with him now defined by the empty spaces left behind? Why does it feel I dishonor his memory by not leaving the spaces empty?

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