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Bay Trail Near Oyster Point

Bay Trail Near Oyster Point

On Saturday, D. had a photo shoot near Oyster Point in South San Francisco, so I tagged along and walked a little bit of the Bay Trail there.  Here are some of the pics I took.

At the trailhead, we find a busted-up and abandoned newsrack next to a warehouse.

A juvenile Western gull soars on the stiff breeze.

Looking up Colma Creek, as it flows next to the trail, just before it meets the Bay.

This section of the Bay Trail goes through an industrial neighborhood.

A cart of cones in a maintenance yard parking lot.

Fennel is rampant here.

San Francisco Bay.

A flock of sea gulls (and an egret).

Across the inlet we see San Francisco International Airport.  (Trust me, that's the airport.)

An American Eagle jet takes off from San Francisco International Airport.

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