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SPCA & Mission District; Shoreline full moon

Tuesday's field trip: SPCA & Mission District; Shoreline full moon

Tuesday D. and I went to San Francisco so D. could photograph the cats and dogs at the San Francisco SPCA. I took pics of some of what we saw on our trip.

Part of a big mural up the block from the SF/SPCA.

It's part of a bigger piece.  As you can see, there are no birds. But there were cars.

This was parked next to the SF/SPCA.  ¡It's El Volado!

Here's one of El Volado's hood angels.  She's got one hell of an outie, huh? 

Spirited steeds ride on the hood.

A flying star rides on the rear door.

Another member of the hood fauna.

A glimpse into the interior of El Volado.

After finishing at the SPCA, we did an errand in the Mission District.

A special sidewalk message in the Mission.

In the window of a shop called The Scarlet Sage, we saw a plate with an enormous spider on it.

We also saw a little demitasse with a starfish motif.

We saw another large plate with a dragonfly on it, and a tarantula cup.  That was a cool store.

Then that evening we went to Shoreline Park to watch the full moon rise. As we were walking up a trail at dusk, some security people came along and told us a report had just been filed of a mountain lion sighting in the area. They said a sighting had been first reported about two weeks ago and another sighting reported just then. Initially I thought they were going to tell us we had to leave, but they just said to be careful and watch out.

As we sat at the edge of Permanente Creek watching the sunset colors slowly fade from the sky and the stars come out, we saw nothing but birds fly to roost and a couple of bats dart about eating bugs. We saw a bright and luscious full moon rise above the dark hills to the east and a couple of meteors streak across the sky. But no mountain lions.

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