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Date: 8-9-2016 12:02 AM
Subject: Kite Hill
Security: Public
Tags:fence, field trip, flower, fog, graffiti, kite hill, lichen, san francisco
Kite Hill

On Saturday after doing a couple of errands in San Francisco, D. and I visited Kite Hill Open Space, and I took some pics.

A nasturtium grows next to the sidewalk.

Butterfly weed grows in the small community garden in a corner of the park.

This house next to the top of the hill has a killer view.

A view of downtown from halfway up the hill.  It's s typical foggy summer day in San Francisco.

We find the kite-eating tree.  Stay away, Charlie Brown!

A rustic fence runs along the west side of the hill.

Exposed to a lot of moisture from the frequent summer fog, a lichen colony flourishes on the fence rails.

Looking toward nearby Twin Peaks.

A weathered log on the summit provides an impromptu seat.

The swirly grain of the log.

A view of downtown from the summit.

Naked ladies are in bloom.

Dead and brown annual grasses cover the hillside.

Another look at the house with the killer view.

Passing behind some houses next to the park on our way back to the car, we see some cat graffiti.

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