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Levi's Plaza

Levi's Plaza

On Saturday, after doing an errand in San Francisco, D. and I played tourist and visited Levi's Plaza and Coit Tower.  Here are my pics form Levi's Plaza; Coit Tower pics here.

Levi's Plaza houses the headquarters of Levi Strauss & Co.

The distinctive stair-step outline of the complex forms a rhythmic silhouette against the sky.

The fountain in the plaza provides a pleasant oasis.

Caution!  Wet floor.

The monolithic slab of the fountain creates a graceful waterfall.

More stair-step elements in the fountain, echoing the buildings.

Wisteria in bloom in the plaza.

A look at the fountain from the other side.

The bellmouth spillway in the fountain's pool.

A view of Coit Tower from Levi's Plaza West.

Across the street is Levi's Plaza East.

Melaleuca in the park draws a visiting bee.

Melaleuca pod.

A glimpse of the TransAmerica Pyramid from Levi's Plaza East.

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