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Coyote Hills Regional Park: No Name Trail & Pelicans

Coyote Hills Regional Park: No Name Trail & Pelicans

On Saturday D. and I returned to Coyote Hills Regional Park to walk part of the No Name Trail.  We were treated to the sight of large flocks of pelicans along the way.  Here are some of the pics I took.

Fennel seed head near South Marsh.

The Bayview Trail lead us past South Marsh to the No Name Trail.

A least sandpiper probes the mud flats.

A sparrow watches us from the brush alongside the trail.

The oh so imaginatively-named No Name Trail runs along a levee separating salt evaporation ponds.

A dead crab next to the trail.

After breeding in the center of the North American continent, marbled godwits spend winter along the coast in California.

Willets eat small crabs, worms, clams, and other invertebrates from saltwater marshes and along open coastlines.

Isolated remnants of salt harvesting infrastructure can be found in some evaporation ponds.

A brown pelican soars over the salt pond.

Large flocks of white pelicans wheel and glide overhead before settling in to feed in the salt pond.

A California gull sits near a pump house between two salt ponds, waiting for fish to swim by.

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