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Villa Montalvo 2

Villa Montalvo 2

On Sunday D. and I went back to Villa Montalvo to see what there was to see. Here's some of what we saw.

Here's a couple of pics D. took of some weird sculpture on the grounds.  It looks like a giant white dumbbell with portholes in it.

Peering into one of the portholes, I took this pic. 

I took this pic of an interesting bug crawling on a bench.

Another pic I took of some shaded mossy bricks near the entrance to the arboretum on the grounds.

This statue caught my eye.

This statue caught D.'s eye.  Something caught that statue's head. 

Angel or demon? A carving on a bench smiles benevolently or leers suggestively, depending on your frame of mind. (My pic.)

Here's a detail I noticed on the back of a statue leaning over the basin of a fountain.

D. took all these lovely pics:

Flowers and a bee.

Itty-bitty rose hips.

Pyracantha berries.

Red berries, we don't know what kind.

More berries, we don't know what.


Hachiya persimmon ripening on the bough.

Melaleuca leaves are a bit spiky.

Bare branches make a rhythmic pattern in the shade.

Plumbago blossoms.

A Steller's jay hanging around a mom and daughter eating lunch, obviously hoping to scarf some crumbs.

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