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Coyote Hills: Muskrat Trail

Coyote Hills: Muskrat Trail

On Saturday D. and I returned to Coyote Hills Regional Park to walk through the marsh on parts of the Muskrat and D.U.S.T. Trails, and here are some of the pics I took.

We see a white-tailed kite perched on a post near the trailhead.

The Muskrat Trail.  We do not see any muskrats.

White-crowned sparrows scratch in the dirt for bugs and seeds.

Part of the Main Marsh.

A turkey vulture soars overhead.

A pond in the marsh.

A viewing platform allows people to observe waterfowl in the pond.

The D.U.S.T. Marsh collects stormwater runoff and allows it to filter gradually into the main marsh.

A white-tailed kite observes the marsh atop a dead tree.

Another look at the D.U.S.T. Marsh from the D.U.S.T. Trail.

Tree swallow nest boxes line the D.U.S.T. Trail.

Mushrooms, in various stages of deterioration, also line the trail.

Looking toward the North Marsh.

A ruddy duck swims toward the D.U.S.T. Marsh.

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