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Coyote Hills Regional Park, Chochenyo Trail

Coyote Hills Regional Park, Chochenyo Trail

On Sunday D. and I walked parts of the Tuibun and Chochenyo Trails at Coyote Hills Regional Park, and here are some of the pics I took before I got too achey and we had to turn around and come home.

The trail.

An immature turkey vulture perches on the roof of an abandoned building in a field next to the trail.

While hunting, the white-tailed kite hovers up to 80 feet off the ground and then drops straight down onto its prey, which is usually small mammals.

Black-tailed deer browse in the field next to the trail.

Power lines stride across the trail and into the distance.

Bicyclists enjoy the trail.

Arroyo willows are coming into bud.

A cottontail rabbit nibbles on grass at the trail's edge.

A scrub jay hops along the trail looking for bugs.

The marsh, full of water from recent rains, which occasionally spills over the trail, it is so high.

Abandoned buildings, once part of a ranch, on the outskirts of the park.

A turkey vulture perches on a utility pole.

Another turkey vulture on the roof of an abandoned building.

Once part of a ranch, this house is now abandoned to the elements.

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