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Guadalupe River Trail, Blossom Hill Rd to Chynoweth

Guadalupe River Trail, Blossom Hill Rd to Chynoweth

On Saturday D. and I took a walk on the Guadalupe River Trail between the Blossom Hill Road overpass and Chynoweth Ave, and here are some of the pics I took.

The river at the flood control drop structure behind the Water District's headquarters.  Recent rains have swollen the river, and it roars over the edge.

A little farther along, we see the floodplain awash in rushing water.

A pair of mallards try to swim against the strong current.


A cormorant in the river.

Farther downstream we see the wide muddy river and the debris of branches, leaves and limbs deposited in the channel by the high water flow from the storms.

A great blue heron by the riverbank eyes us warily.

Another look at the swollen river and the brown water full of silt.

A dead milk thistle seed head is formidably spiky.

A gaggle of Canada geese gather by a large puddle to drink.

Graffiti has obliterated this Water District sign.

It's a sycamore sky.

A red-tailed hawk glides overhead on our way back to the car.

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