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San Francisco Embarcadero

San Francisco Embarcadero

On Saturday after doing an errand in San Francisco, D. and I had a huge snafu in our plans and wound up spending some time on the Embarcadero instead of a quieter place to be, where I took some pics before I got too tired and had to stop.

The Ferry Building clock tower.

A tree full of starlings.

Pigeon feeding frenzy.

A western grebe bobs on the bay.

SF Bay Ferry Intintoli comes in to port.

Lights in a passageway catch the late afternoon sun.

A view of the bay near Pier 7.

Container ship MOL Motivator heads for the Port of Oakland.

A helicopter circles overhead.

Pilot vessel Golden Gate heads into port.

A western gull perches on a light on Pier 7, and then takes off.

A research vessel heads toward the Golden Gate.

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