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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 2-16-2017 12:05 AM
Subject: Palo Alto Art Center
Security: Public
Tags:art, art center, bird, canopy, cherry blossoms, field trip, flower, museum, palo alto, sculpture, squirrel, statue
Palo Alto Art Center

On Sunday, D. and I enjoyed the mild spring-like weather by visiting the Palo Alto Art Center and sculpture garden.  Here are some of the pics I took before I got too tired and achey and we had to come home.

Patches of daisies turn toward the sunlight.

"Albuquerque" by Gale Wagner is a painted steel sculpture comprised of an abstract tubular grid with a circular form.

"Whiplash," a site-specific woven willow sculpture by Patrick Dougherty created during a three-week artist residency, is supposed to evoke gargantuan nests.

A black phoebe perches on a branch waiting to catch insects.

The Bradford pears are in full bloom (and I am in full sneeze, even though full of antihistamine).

This piece is "Skyhook Boca Raton" by Peter Shire.

Magnolias are coming into bloom.

"Universal Woman" by Nathan Oliveira.

"Guides of Passage" by Jeffrey Downing hopes to foster a stronger connection between humans and the natural world.  I think the dogs look like priests of some kind.

"Brilliance" by Blessing Hancock and Joe O'Connell is a series of six separate sculptures and is made up of multi-lingual phrases collected from the community, cut out of steel and welded together in three-dimensional lantern-like forms.

Part of the "Spectral Hues: artists + color" exhibit inside the museum, the painted driftwood forms and rocks of "Grow (Stella Thiebaud)" (wall) and "Rock Piles" (floor) by Leo Bersamina intend to evoke the sea and imaginary landscapes.

It's a magnolia sky.

A cute squirrel perches on a rock and then drinks daintily from a puddle.  I've never seen a squirrel drink before.

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