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Alameda Creek Trail

Alameda Creek Trail

On Sunday D. and I went to the Alameda Creek Trail in Union City to take a walk.  Because the wind was so fierce up on the levee, we eschewed the trail proper to wander around in the meadows below the levee where it was more protected.  Here are some of the pics I took.

A dried milkweed pod looks spiky and formidable.

Due to a high water table and a lot of recent rain, the meadows are full of vernal pools.

Bracket fungi sprout from a decaying log.

A seasonal watercourse is so full it has left its banks and spills into the meadow in places.

The Coyote Hills are visible on the horizon.

The seasonal watercourse flows past a thicket.

Inside the thicket we see a black-tailed deer, very well camouflaged.

Copious rains bring out the mushrooms.

A red-shouldered hawk rests momentarily.

The reason for my sneezin' -- acacias in abundant bloom.

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