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Los Alamitos Creek Trail

Los Alamitos Creek Trail

On Sunday D. and I took a stroll along the Los Alamitos Creek Trail in southern San Jose, between Camden Ave. and Almaden Expressway, and I took some pics.

A lost glove is displayed at the trailhead.

A look at Los Alamitos Creek.

The flow of water is still brisk even though it's been a while since the previous rain.

Instead of taking the paved trail, we decide to follow the dirt path closer to the creek.

Chickweed in bloom.

Looking downstream, past sycamores just beginning to leaf out.

Looking upstream.

A birdhouse, probably for bluebirds.

The trail.

Aster floof, left over from last fall.

Blossoms on an old almond tree, left over from the orchard days.

A deer mandible next to the creek, washed down from a mountain lion's dining room up in the hills.

California poppies are beginning to bloom now that the soil is warming up.

An empty milk snail shell, lodged in the rocks at the edge of the creek.

Oxalis, also known as Bermuda buttercups.

An oak leaf on the paved trail, an echo from last autumn.

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