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Niles Historic Nursery

Niles Historic Nursery

On Saturday D. and I visited the California Nursery Historical Park in the historic Niles section of Fremont.  Much to our enjoyment we had the place to ourselves, and here are some of the pics I took.

A pine flower in the middle of turning into a pine cone.

Almond buds against the blue sky.

Spreading live oaks provide welcome shade.

A Bermuda buttercup gleams like a golden beacon.

An ancient cherry orchard is beginning to bloom.

The canopy of cherry branches overhead.

A little bug visits some field mustard flowers.

The bees are busy in the Bradford pear blossoms

Field mustard.

Bradford pear.

Wild radish.

More cherry blossoms.

A damselfly rests on a blade of grass near the orchard.

Live oaks are starting to flower now.


A daisy.

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