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Glen Canyon Part 2

Glen Canyon Part 2

Part 2 of our visit to Glen Canyon last Saturday.  (Part 1 here.)


Wild onion in bloom.

Rocky outcrops at the top of the canyon.

Floofy arroyo willows are ready to disperse their seeds.


The late afternoon sun angling through the woods casts a fern shadow on a rock.

Islais Creek Trail.

A California Dancer damselfly rests on a rock near the creek.

Blue-eyed grass.

Blackberry blossom.

A spider web, full of arroyo willow floof, glows in a shaft of sunlight.

The damage done by eucalyptus leaf beetles creates lacy edges.

Wavy-grained log and miner's lettuce.

Dinner at Savor in nearby Noe Valley.

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