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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 4-15-2017 12:08 AM
Subject: National Wildlife Refuge, Alviso 2
Security: Public
Tags:abandoned, alviso, bird, canada goose, duck, field trip, flower, mallard, marsh, native wildflower, pelican, skeleton, spider, web, wildlife refuge
National Wildlife Refuge, Alviso 2

Part 2 of the National Wildlife Refuge (part 1 here).

A view across New Chicago Marsh.

A nesting Canada goose eyes us from a hillock in the marsh.

Someone left their coffee cup on the railing of an observation platform.

This web is so fly-encrusted I believe its original occupant no longer resides there.

Caspian tern decoys sit on an islet in the salt pond in an attempt to lure nesting pairs.

The earth is beginning to dry out and crack now that the heavy winter rains are over and the ground is warming up.

Geese on the trail.

A fish skeleton at the side of the trail.

A little Johnson Jumper jumping spider takes a gander at us on the trail.

A mallard drake.

A pair of white pelicans swims in the salt pond.

California wild rose.

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