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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 5-2-2017 12:09 AM
Subject: McClellan Ranch
Security: Public
Tags:bee, cupertino, field trip, flower, insect, lizard, mcclellan ranch, mouse, museum, sign, snake, spider, stevens creek, thistle
McClellan Ranch

On Saturday D. and I visited McClellan Ranch Preserve, because it was nearby and had flat trails that wouldn't challenge me much.

First we spent a little while in the preserve's new Nature Museum to see the animals that live there and learn a little more about them, and then we took a short walk on the Nature Trail alongside Stevens Creek.  Here are my pics from the trip.

One of the mice in the Nature Museum.

A bearded dragon sits in a sink to get a drink of water.

Bearded dragons have cute little tongues.

This California kingsnake has slightly cloudy eyes because she is about to molt.

California kingsnakes eat rodents and can take up to a week to digest a rat.

A tarantula in the Nature Museum.

Outside, we follow the Nature Trail alongside Stevens Creek.

Milk thistle.


A bee visits a buckeye blossom.

Enigmatic signs in the brush alongside the trail.

Another look at Stevens Creek prior to turning back.

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