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Milagra Ridge

Milagra Ridge

On Sunday after doing an errand in San Francisco, D. and I took a little walk at Milagra Ridge, where we were treated to a lovely sunny day and a brisk breeze.  Here are some of the pics I took.

Bellardia is in bloom.

Wild strawberry flower.

A mystery flower I haven't been able to identify.  Several were growing near a spring or vernal pool.

Douglas's iris.

Milagra Ridge Road sweeps up to the summit where Nike Site SF-51 used to be.

A spur trail is lined with flags designating plantings in a habitat restoration program.


All that is left of Nike Site SF-51 are a couple of concrete pads in an open meadow, where magazines holding as many as 10 nuclear-armed missiles once resided.

A western fence lizard basks on the road to the crest of the ridge.


Looking northwest from the summit.

Steps lead down from the summit to defunct coastal artillery Battery 244.

Battery 244, locked and abandoned, is festooned with graffiti.

Looking southwest to the town of Pacifica below.

A darkling beetle scurries across the path.

Milagra Ridge Trail.

Cow parsnip in bloom.

The flower of the soap root plant resembles a spider plant blossom; they are both in the family Asparagaceae.

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