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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 5-16-2017 12:08 AM
Subject: Windy Hill
Security: Public
Tags:canopy, creek, field trip, flower, native wildflower, portola valley, spider, windy hill
Windy Hill

On Saturday D. and I visited the eastern part of Windy Hill Open Space Preserve around Corte Madera Creek.  We spent a short while there before I became too tired and we had to come home.  Here are some of the pics I took.

A spider perches on the edge of a forget-me-not.

Corte Madera Creek is running vigorously still, due to the abundant winter rainfall.

The canopy overhead of bigleaf maple and arroyo willow.

The underbrush around the creek banks is dotted with forget-me-nots.

An arroyo willow leaf is like a golden jewel in Corte Madera Creek.

A California buttercup grabs a ray of sun slanting through the underbrush.

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