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Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve

Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve

On Saturday D. and I took a walk on the Cordilleras Trail and part of the Blue Oak Trail at Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve.  Here are some of the pics I took.

Thistle floof near the trailhead.

A western fence lizard lives up to its name by perching on a fence.

California poppy.

A tuft of thistle floof protrudes from the flower.

We pass by an abandoned rehab center.

A motivational mural painted on the the of one of the center's buildings.

Think first!

A back door.

The rear of the complex.

A partially-enclosed fire hydrant.

A fence keeps a herd of goats under control.

We see traffic cones in the most incongruous places.

A bee visits a blackberry blossom.

A stone marker provides a perch for a tiny lizard.

More thistle floof.

Blackberry blossom.

Golden brodiaea.

This overachieving poison oak is already turning red for autumn, and it isn't even officially summer yet.

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