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Permanente Creek Trail

Permanente Creek Trail

On Sunday I took a short walk on the Permanente Creek Trail here in town.  Here are some of the pics I took while I was there.

Looking downstream, toward San Francisco Bay.

Blue fleurs next to the trail.

These look like clarkias (which I suspect may be garden escapees).


The trail heads north, toward the Bay.

Bindweed in bloom.

This hillside is burrowing owl habitat, and thus protected and off-limits.

The trail skirts Shoreline Amphitheatre (where a soundcheck for the evening's Dead & Company show starts up as I walk by).

The hills are turning brown as summer approaches and the annual grasses die out.

A bumble bee is dusted with pollen from visiting a bunch of feral artichokes next to the creek.

A developing artichoke.

A milk snail estivates on the limb of a dead shrub.

A juvenile sparrow flies away from a clump of fennel flower stalks.

California poppy.

A ground squirrel runs for its burrow after taking a brief dust bath in the trail.

Estivating snails want their VH-1, not their MTV, I guess. 

Another look at the creek before heading home.

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