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Vinny & Toby at the SF/SPCA

Vinny & Toby at the SF/SPCA

Thursday D. and I were at the San Francisco SPCA to photograph some of their cats. We met a few that had been there for a long time (the SF SPCA is a no-kill shelter) and needed "forever homes" badly. D. was helping out by shooting great portraits of them to enhance their chances of adoption, and I was helping out by being the cat wrangler.

First we got the equipment set up in the SPCA's Solarium room.

Then we started shooting with one of the cats we'd met earlier. We began with Vinny, an FIV-positive cat. Vinny is a lynx-point Siamese mix. I called him Vindaloo.

But Vinny was not initially interested in being photographed.  Vinny was interested in finding a way out of that strange place.

Vinny was interested in rubbing up against the tripod and getting pets from D.

Vinny was interested in exploring the countertop in the Solarium's kitchen area.

Vinny was interested in sitting in a chair with D.

Vinny was interested in looking out the window.

Vinny was interested in sitting on the floor.

Vinny was interested in a bit of grooming.  But eventually he settled down and D. got some good pics of him.

Then we shot Toby. I called him The Tobe-ster, and (in my best Transylvanian accent) Cat Tobula. Toby is another FIV-positive cat who needs a good home.

Toby settled down a lot more quickly than his pal Vinny. D. got some good shots of him as well. :)

And on our way out after we were done, I saw this cute kitten napping in a sunny window next to the parking lot.

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