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Mori Point

Mori Point

On Saturday, after doing a couple of errands in San Francisco, D. and I drove south a ways to take a walk at Mori Point, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  We were treated to a rare sunny day at the coast, free of summer fog.  Here are some of the pics I took.

Teasel grows along the Upper Mori Trail.

Wild carrot.

A ladybug does a headstand in a wild carrot flower.


We catch a glimpse of the ocean.

A Brewer's blackbird eyes us from a fencepost.

A boardwalk crosses sensitive habitat, allowing endangered species of snake and frog to pass safely underneath.


Sharp Park Beach.


Gnarly graffiti.

A rabbit pauses for a snack in the brush.

The view to the north from the Bootlegger's Steps (named after Mori Point's reputation during Prohibition).

Humpback whales are feeding offshore.  We see lots of spouts, but only rare glimpses of part of their backs.

A small cove to the south of Mori Point.

Another Brewer's blackbird has a beak full of snacks for its youngsters in the nest.

One last look back before heading out for Chinese food, then home.

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