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Long Ridge Preserve

Long Ridge Preserve

On Sunday, D. and I tried to find a cool, shady place to go in the blazing heat.  We decided on the Peters Creek Trail at Long Ridge Open Space Preserve, which, while shady, wasn't exactly cool, but was preferable to being out in the direct hot sun or cooped up inside the broiling house.  Here are some of the pics I took.

A hillside near the trailhead is full of tinder-dry dead grasses.

In the shady woods, a wood fern leans into a patch of sunlight.

A bigleaf maple leaf on the trail is a harbinger of autumn to come.

A sword fern frond arcs over the trail.

Cow parsley grows near the banks of Peters Creek.

The forest canopy overhead.

Western heart's ease likes the moist shade along the trail.

Peters Creek Trail.

A Cyclosa trashline orb weaver spider sits in its web beside the trail.

Horsetails pop up next to the trail as we approach a small pond.

The pond is part of the Jikoji Zen Center and is private property.

A common whitetail dragonfly rests at the pond's edge.

California buttercup.

A western fence lizard pauses on a bridge beside the pond.

Ithuriel's spear.

Bristly dogtail grass.

Another look at the trail.

A raptor feather (perhaps from a juvenile golden eagle? I'm not sure).

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