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Hercules's eggs

Hercules's eggs

About a week ago I adopted a milk snail (Otala lactea) that D. and I found at the Wildlife Refuge. We are calling him Hercules.

Milk snails are similar to common garden snails in that they are not native to North America and came here hidden in horticultural shipments from the Mediterranean. And like all land snails, they are hermaphroditic. So biologically, Hercules is both a he and a she. He is slightly bigger than a garden snail.

Ever since I got him, Hercules has spent quite a bit of time buried in the terrarium's soil, when he's not been eating or exploring.

While cleaning the terrarium today I found this:

That's my index finger on the left (I was wearing gloves), to give you a sense of scale.

It's an egg cluster. It looks like a white raspberry, or a round bit of Styrofoam.

Hercules is going to be a mom! 

Here is Hercules next to a slightly squished green pea.  He prefers squash and zucchini, though.

Here is Hercules climbing a stick in the terrarium.  Below him is a little hollow coconut shell to hide in.

Here is Hercules climbing up his coconut shell toward the stick.  He has yet to explore inside the coconut.

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