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Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery

On Saturday, D. and I took a little walk around the Union Cemetery in Redwood City.  Here are some of the pics I took.

One of several rose hips ripening on the rose bushes on the grounds.

Pea flowers grow all over the grounds.

The Taylor obelisk is encrusted with lichen.

A view of the grounds includes a puddle from a broken irrigation pipe.

The waters from the broken pipe inundate the Waters gravesite.

A gall grows on an oak tree.

This headstone dates back to 1887.

Friends forever.

Uncle Abe's resting place.

A couple of the vaults on the grounds.

Many headstones are in disrepair.

A carved rose detail from an obelisk.

More of the grounds.

A beam of sunlight catches the Hoffman headstone.

Artificial flowers rest atop a gravesite.

An anchor on the Wallace obelisk.

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