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Adobe Creek

Adobe Creek

On Saturday D. and I took a little walk along Adobe Creek in the Baylands marsh, and I took some pics.

At the trailhead, we see "Swift Crossing" by Rachel Slick.

Dead, non-native thistles line the trail.  (There are also thick stands of bamboo and fennel, other invasive non-natives that weren't there when we last visited 9 years ago.)

A peek at Adobe Creek.

A mallard hen swims along the creek.

Dappled reflections.

The underpass below Highway 101 is a little spooky.  There are plans to replace it with an overpass, primarily due to seasonal flooding and not spookiness.

I guess house sparrows are authorized personnel.

A Cessna P210-N flies overhead toward Palo Alto Airport.

A turkey vulture soars over the marsh.

A dowitcher looks for things to eat in the mudflats.

Dance partners: avocet and dowitcher.

The dowitcher's beak in action, probing the mud.

White pelicans enjoy a swim in a lagoon.

Look at this magnificent bird.

Another pelican circles the lagoon.

These birds bring to mind the pterodactyl.

A large dragonfly rests on the trail for a moment before zooming off to the creek.

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