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Moffett Field Historical Society Museum

Moffett Field Historical Society Museum

On Saturday it was forecast to be hot, and D. and I needed an indoor place to go to get out of the house yet not be out in the blazing sun, to avoid a repeat of last week's scary heart palpitations and weakness on the trail.  So we went to the Moffett Field Historical Society Museum right here in town, and here are some of the pics I took.

Rear Admiral William Moffett, after whom the base was named, is considered to be the creator of naval aviation.

A Navy Lieutenant uniform from the WW I era.

A photograph of the USS Macon, which was housed in Hangar One at Moffett Field in the 1930s.

A painting of a biplane approaching to rendezvous with the USS Macon.

Navy personnel were snappy dressers in the WW II era.

Model aircraft suspended from the ceiling swarm overhead.

Two US Marine Corps women's uniforms, a Chief Warrant Officer's from the Cold War period, and a PFC's from WW II.

A blimp pilot's flight suit.

An example of a US Navy Lt. Commander's dinner dress white uniform.

An autographed photo of pilot Wally Schirra, who was stationed at Moffett Field before going on to be an astronaut (and on whom I had a schoolgirl crush back in the day) (and about whom a high school friend coined a song, "Que Schirra, Schirra") (and yes, the museum spelled his name wrong in the photo caption ).

Look at those glamourous eyelashes on that mannequin!

A watercolor painting of a pilot in a flight suit.

Cans of emergency drinking water, part of a display of historical military emergency rations.

Hangar One, naked for the time being, awaits restoration across the road from the museum.

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